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What indicators are included with DataCast Essentials™?


US Total Industrial Production

US Total Manufacturing


ITR Leading Indicator

ITR Retail Sales Leading Indicator

US Nondefense Capital Goods New Orders (excluding aircraft)

US Total Retail Sales

US E-Commerce Retail Sales

US Automobile Dealer Retail Sales

Single-Family Housing Starts

Single-Family Housing Permits

US Architecture Billing Index

US Residential Sector Architecture Billings Index

US Commercial and Industrial Sector Architecture Billings Index

US Private Office Construction

Private Nonresidential New Construction

North America Light Vehicle Production

US Light Vehicle Production

Food Production

US Raw Steel Production

US Chemicals and Chemical Products Production Index

US Rotary Rig Count

US Paper and Products Production Index

Computer and Electronic Products Production

Semiconductors and Related Devices Production

Oil & Gas Extraction Production

US Crude Oil Spot Prices

US Steel Scrap Producer Price Index

US Wholesale Trade of Durable Goods

US Wholesale Trade of Nondurable Goods

US Total Industry Capacity Utilization

Fabricated Metal Products New Orders

Material Handling Equipment New Orders

Computer and Electronics New Orders

Electrical Equipment New Orders

Refrigeration and HVAC New Orders

Consumer Goods New Orders

US Consumer Durable Goods New Orders

Nondefense Aircraft and Parts New Orders

Motor Vehicle Bodies, Trailers, and Parts New Orders

Construction Machinery New Orders

Engine, Turbines, Generators, and Other Power Gen Equip New Orders

US 30-Year Conventional Mortgage Rate

Mining Production

Manufacturing Capacity Utilization Rate

Automobile Production Capacity Utilization Rate

Food Production Capacity Utilization Rate

US Exports – World

US Imports – World

US Government Long-Term Bond Yields

US Civilian Aircraft Equipment Production Index

US Dollar Broad Nominal Trade Weighted Exchange Rate Index

US S&P 500 Stock Prices Index

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Federal Funds Rate

US Disposable Personal Income

US Heavy Duty Truck Production Index

US Retail On-Highway Diesel Price

US Multi-Unit Housing Starts

US Automobile Production Index