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What is the difference between DataCast Pro™ and DataCast Essentials™?

DataCast Essentials™- $80/month

  • Online access: Pull reports autonomously
  • Export any and all charts created
  • Use the leading indicators for a near-term view of where your business is headed
  • Understand economic trends impacting your business
  • Increase internal forecasting accuracy
  • Effectively target inventory management and sales planning
  • Identify your relationship to economic trends to assist with knowing how the current economic environment will impact your business
  • Track your internal trends to use in inventory management, sales planning, and/or marketing investment
  • Upload an unlimited number of company datasets


DataCast Pro™ - $4,800/annually

Includes all the features of DataCast Essentials AND:

  • Full access to the 10,000 leading indicators in ITR Economics' database
    • Identify which markets hold growth opportunities and which pose risk
    • Learn where to focus your resources from a market perspective
    • Knowledge of industry trends
  • One-year Trends Report™ subscription
  • One-hour consultation with an ITR Economics analyst
  • Trends Report forecasts included on charts (see list of included forecasts here