Which of the indicators in the Trends Report™ come with forecasts?

These indicator forecasts are included on your DataCast Pro™ analysis tab as well.

*The forecast feature is specific to DataCast Pro subscribers.*

We publish forecasts for each of the following Trends Report™ indicators:

Core Module:

US Industrial Production

US Real Gross Domestic Product (Quarterly)

US Nondefense Capital Goods New Orders

US Private Sector Employment

US Total Retail Sales

US Wholesale Trade of Durable Goods

US Wholesale Trade of Nondurable Goods

The Global Economy At-a-Glance (year-end industrial production values for India, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Canada, China, and Mexico)

Construction Module:

US Single-Unit Housing Starts

US Multi-Unit Housing Starts

US Private Office Construction

US Total Education Construction

US Total Hospital Construction

US Private Manufacturing Construction

US Private Multi-Tenant Retail Construction

US Private Warehouse Construction

US Public Water & Sewer Facilities Construction

Manufacturing Module:

US Metalworking Machinery New Orders

US Industrial Machinery New Orders

US Construction Machinery New Orders

US Electrical Equipment New Orders

US Computers & Electronics New Orders

US Defense Capital Goods New Orders

North America Light Vehicle Production

US Oil & Gas Extraction Production

US Mining Production (excluding oil & gas)

US Chemicals & Chemical Products Production

US Civilian Aircraft Equipment Production

US Medical Equipment & Supplies Production

US Heavy-Duty Truck Production

US Food Production

Financial Module:

US Government Long-Term Bond Yields

US Natural Gas Futures Prices

US Crude Oil Futures Prices

US Steel Scrap Producer Price Index

US Consumer Price Index

US Producer Price Index